Acoustic Guitar Reviews - A Must Before You Buy

by Jay Tyler
Before purchasing a new acoustic guitar, you should take the time to read some acoustic guitar reviews. You can find reviews at your local bookstore or on the internet. This will give you a wide range of information and what experiences people have had with a variety of acoustic guitars. There are also consumer and expert reviews available, which usually require some type of subscription. Someone well-versed in acoustic guitars can give you a detailed review about a particular brand, the expert reviews will prove helpful. Or, if you just want to know what the average person thinks about a guitar they have used, the consumer reviews will give you that information. Also you can get quite a bit of information from your local music store.
An expert acoustic guitar review should be one that is written by

someone who has had several years of guitar-related experience. The reviewer should also have several different models from different manufacturers. The reviewer should be able to put aside personal preference and objectively point out a guitar's pros and cons. Should a bias be present, it should be admitted and explained. A degree in music is not necessary for evaluating acoustic guitars. Applicants should really know their stuff, and should be able to explain why their opinion is valid and should be taken into consideration when buying a new guitar.

If you want acoustic guitar reviews, you should look for a site that has multiple reviews of each guitar by many different musicians. Many music stores also have websites with user reviews. Each guitarist plays in different types of venues, different kinds of bands and has a unique style of music. A guitarist from a band that plays at wedding receptions has much different instrument preferences from a guitarist who plays in a rock band. Look for reviews for people who play in the same area that you do, or someday hope to.

There are a couple of tricks you can use when searching for acoustic guitar reviews by experts or users. One thing you can do is to put quotes around particular phrases like: "acoustic guitar reviews." When using Yahoo, this trick can reduce the number of hits from 17 million, when the search is performed without quotes, to a little over 6,000, when it is used with quotes.

When searching for specific individual acoustic guitar reviews, this trick will also work. Let's say you want to find reviews about the Martin DX1. Typle in that phrase in Yahoo search and you'll end up with about 38,000 results. But if you type in the same phrase using quotes like this "martin dx1" you'll get only about 10,000.

Also another trick you can use to preform a search, is to put a plus sign (+) right next to a word you want in every hit, youll be able to narrow your search even more. Martin dx1 review+ will bring you about 9 hits and that is due to the fact that youre only seeing the sites that contain that exact phrase.

Try putting "martin dx1" + review in the search bar and you'll get almost 500 hits. If you want to search something specific, put it in there with a plus sign attached. These search tricks to find acoustic guitar reviews will help make your guitar buying decision easier, by narrowing your search to the most helpful results.

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Available Acoustic Guitar Reviews as well as knowing how to properly explore online for the information you need will help you greatly when you finally decide to make a purchase. Click Here for even more helpful information.

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