How to play guitar really fast

by Sean Martin
Freaky fast guitar became popular in the eighties when a lot of guitar players wanted to play at speed like Satriani and Malmsteen. This need for speed never went away, and today guitarists like Vai still give shredders the taste of what they can do. But, you know it is not as easy as they make it look.

You can learn fundamentals that can help you develop the speed you want, and concentrating on each of these will pay-off in the long run. First of all, you want to work on your right-hand technique, your left-hand technique and recognize that practising to build up speed doesn't happen over night. Its not possible to increase speed and fluency by developing just one aspect of your playing. Also, playing fast without accuracy just sounds plain awlful. Left hand proficiency takes time to build up. You need to develop excellent finger and thumb placement, and good finger dexterity and accuracy. The two basic thumb positions used by guitar players are over the top of the fretboard, and resting behind the fretboard. Behind the neck will give you greater reach on the fretboard and better control and consistency. If you practice guitar scales and exercises fast in this beginning thumb position, you will increase your speed in time.

Having your fingers ready on the fretboard, in the right positions is a must if you want to play really fast. If your fingers are already resting above the first 4 frets until needed, your hand won't have to physically move as far, because it is already in position. You then can either press the fingers onto the strings, and leave it there until you needthem (finger anchoring), or raise each finger as the next one comes down (finger movement), for speed, finger movement is what you should use. Finger accuracy involves consistently fretting a note right behind the fret, this improves dexterity. Remember to use the flat part of the finger tips and not the side of the finger. The more discipline you have, the quicker you will become.

Left hand technique is just as important as the right. How you pick the strings, how you hold the pick and your motion will all have a bearing on speed. Picking can be alternating, sweeping or circular picking, and should probably be acquired in that order as they increase in complexity as well as speed. Alternate picking can still be very fast, and is used by Vai so don't underestimate it.

How you hold the pick is important, the pick needs to be vertical to the strings and only the very tip of the pick needs to touch the strings, this reduces resistance. The motion from your wrist is just as important, you want the motion to come from the wrist to be as loose as possible. Try not to use finger and thumb muscles as they tend to become very tense which hinders speed.

All of this will take discipline and practise. You will have to make time everyday to get better, a big splurge at the beginning of the week then nothing for the rest of the week is no good. Remember to practise with a drum machine, start at slow speeds and then increase tempo gradually.

These simple techniques will, with a lot of practise and dedication, get you playing guitar really fast!

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